Relationship Advice

How to Save a Marriage From Divorce

Helping married people figure out how to save a marriage from divorce has become increasingly difficult over the years.

Women now have great careers and they are more independent.

They no longer want to stay home and take care of children and the home all by themselves.

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How to Improve Communication in the Marriage

Are you finding it very difficult to communicate with your wife or husband in your marriage?

It’s common among couples or in any relationship to have problems when communicating.

In this article I’ll be discussing ways to effectively communicate with your partner (husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend).

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Does Marriage Counseling Work?

You may be asking yourself the question – Does Marriage Counseling Work? The short answer is that marriage counseling could be an effective strategy under the right circumstances.

As every marriage is different and each partner experiencing different issues, it may or it may not be a good idea to put your marriage...Read More »